I think it’s finally safe to say we survived the winter! No more heavy coats, no more snow boots, no more gloves (although I’m still a little nervous to take them out of my work bag). I’ve already spent two days at the beach and couldn’t be happier. In celebration of warm weather and humid nights my go-to outfit almost always involves a crop top. Since I still have to cover up for work everyday, my days off are all about bare midriffs. My mom visited for Mother’s Day and asked me why I have a section of my closet dedicated to baby clothes… I’ll take that as a compliment.

emma-stone-2014-met-gala freepeople14 lacool&chic naimabarcelona nicolewarne Screen Shot 2014-05-13 at 12.55.03 PM theyallhateus top shop topshop tuula Camille-Rowe-by-Guy-Aroch-for-So-It-Goes-6 Chanel-Iman-vogue-9May14-pr_b

Helluva Town

Being in Delaware has its perks.  I am less than four hours away from some of the coolest cities in America… One of course is New York City.  I tend to waste my (meager) paycheck every month for an Amtrak ticket to the Big Apple.  I shouldn’t say waste though, because I never regret it.  I love getting to break out my going-out-in-the-big-city clothes for a few nights and eat a gluttonous amount of delicious food.  I just got back from a Cinco De Mayo rendezvous and although I wasn’t invited to the Met Gala, my sheer proximity to the event was enough.

Margs with Kels

Margs with Kels

So here are some pictures of the beautiful Karlie Kloss from a 2012 Free People lookbook that can help you get in a New York state of mind. Did I use enough NYC sayings?

kk free people lookbook 2012 image-5 image-4 image-1 image-2 image-3

And That’s the Way it is…

kika gontijo blog e sites

I don’t read the New York Times everyday. Honestly, I’m a journalist who doesn’t have a subscription to any newspaper at all. But I do know what’s going on in the news and it’s important that you do, too. You may be a genius and have the ability to find the cure for a deadly cancer but if you don’t know how many people died from that specific strain of that specific disease how will you know that you need to find that cure? Or say you’re on a date and the topic of the lost Malaysian flight comes up… don’t you want to be able to quip back, oh jeez CNN has been covering that non-stop! Yes, you do.

So if you need some help, here is how I get my news everyday:

  1. TheSkimm: sign up for this ASAP… they email you a daily recap of what’s important in the news. You will know (and understand) the biggest stories of the day before you finish your morning latte.
  2. CNN Breaking News updates: Timely and brief, way too easy.
  3. Twitter: le duh
  4. NowThisNews: follow them on Instagram for some really fast video news updates.
  5. Local newspaper’s web site: Ever wonder why a road is closed down or what’s going on Memorial Weekend, this is where you can find out!

And last but certainly not least

  1. My own TV station, obviously… and you all should watch me live at 11pm

Screen Shot 2014-04-20 at 10.37.36 PM

Fashionable Food

Scroll through Pinterest for just one minute and you can tell that how food looks on camera is often more important than anything else. Eating organic is also pretty trendy right now, and I’m gonna be the first one to say I’m totally on board. I got to do an interesting story about the organic farm movement here in Delaware, which made me very hungry for some farm fresh food.

So take a look at my story here, and then take a look at these pretty pictures of food that might inspire you to hop on the organic train (yay, no GMOs!).

nicolefranzen tartelette peachesandparis laurenconrad ahouseinthehills cannellevanille dailycrush messynessychic

Spring Dreaming

Let’s all take a moment laugh at how it snowed here last week.

I’m pretty sure I won’t survive if it snows again.

Therefore, I am desperately seeking Spring, and even though I’m missing Coachella this year (sob), I plan to channel the vibe of this Wildfox photoshoot the second it is acceptable in the first state.

At least I live on the beach.



Pumped Up Kicks

In middle school, our uniform required us to wear sneakers that were 80% black or white. For the girls, the go-to sneaks were white Adidas Originals Superstar 2s. The challenge then came in picking your stripe color, the 20%. It said a lot about you. As 6th grade rolled around I went for the baby pink stripes, then when I decided I would rather be a tomboy later that year, I regretted my sartorial error. So when I saw that these shoes were making a steet-style comeback, and not just for middle schoolers, I knew it was my chance to try again. Although, I think I would still go for the pink guys anyway… too bad I’m not a size 6 anymore…


pfw - phil oh

nyfw - phil oh





Battle of the Blazers

Who doesn’t love a good blazer?  Gotta say after three months of being a news reporter I’m getting a little sick of them.  I wear a blazer everyday… every single day.  I wouldn’t say it is a job requirement but whatever makes me not look like a teenager pretending to be an anchor is something to hold on to.  So, blazer everyday it is.  While my tailored black one is definitely a go-to, I throw in a boxy red guy or white peplum with leather paneling when I’m feeling frisky.  So here’s some blazerspiration for all you hard-working ladies out there who are getting blored.

Mira killing it in royal blue



gary pepper girl



Take a Napa

Sometimes  a glass of wine or two (or three) and a good movie is all some people need after a long week of work.  But I tend to be a little too restless.  A few weeks ago when I got off my night shift, I slept two hours and headed off to San Francisco to visit my best friends.  For 38 hours.  And about 6 of those hours were spent in the Napa Valley frolicking from winery to winery.

Domaine Chandon

Domaine Chandon

Just a week later, back in the first state, a story crossed my radar about good ‘ol vino in Delaware.

Watch here –> Delaware home wine delivery via WBOC

So now, with wine on the brain, I see the sparkle of champagne and deep burgundy tones on the runways. Specifically, Rodarte’s Fall 2014 ready-to-wear details. Cheers.

rodarte-rtw-fw2014-backstage-14_222900454798.jpg_carousel_parties rodarte-rtw-fw2014-backstage-12_222859730976.jpg_carousel_parties rodarte-rtw-fw2014-backstage-11_222858898295.jpg_carousel_parties rodarte-rtw-fw2014-backstage-10_22285733906.jpg_carousel_parties rodarte-rtw-fw2014-backstage-07_222855836593.jpg_carousel_parties rodarte-rtw-fw2014-backstage-02_222851331599.jpg_carousel_parties rodarte-rtw-fw2014-backstage-03_22285228234.jpg_carousel_parties

La Moda

When I studied journalism abroad in London in 2012, my roommate and I took a couple’s trip to Italy, with a 24-hour stop in Milan.  The first thing I did when I got there was purchase Italian Vogue and (attempted to) read it cover to cover.  Then we tried to go into the Duomo but alas I had to wear my turquoise high-waisted denim Levi shorts and was not allowed in… so instead we walked by every high fashion store we could imagine while eating gelato.  It was pretty magical.

at least we got a picture outside

at least we got a picture outside

so proud my necklace is in a shop window

so proud my necklace is in a shop window

And now, with Milan Fashion Week just wrapping up, I have remembered why I love Milanese style so much.  It’s chic (read expensive) but looks relatively normal walking down the street.  These street style snaps make me want to dress that way in Delaware and I actually feel like I could do it.


winter blues


saturday night for sure


must recreate entire outfit


just enough cape


turtleneck + baseball cap = love